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07/06/2019 TO 07/07/2019

RC FIFA Women’s WC Results
The objective of this contest is to collect the more possible football teams in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France by contacting the various RC stations on the list around the world.
The contest will begin on :
Friday, June 07th and will end on Sunday, July 07th, 2019
Each team contacted will count 1 point
 List of the teams on air with operators
Group A
14RC/FRA France by 14RC278 Arnaud
31RC/KOR South Korea by 31RC111 Ricardo
14RC/NOR Norway by 14RC120 Franck
34RC/NGA Nigeria by 34RC213 Paco

Group B
13RC/GER Germany by 13RC100 Lars
14RC/CHN China by 14RC596 Kevin
30RC/ESP Spain by 30RC123 Luis
14RC/RSA South Africa by 14RC015 Jerome

Group C
43RC/AUS Australia by 43RC001 Steve
1RC/ITA Italy by
3RC/BRA Brazil by 3RC001 Luiz
14RC/JAM Jamaica by 14RC026 Sebastien

Group D
26RC/ENG England by 26RC111 Scott
26RC/SCT Scotland by 26RC013 Dave
4RC/ARG Argentine by 4RC124 Walter
49RC/JPN Japan by 49RC001 Antonio

Group E
9RC/CAN Canada by 9RC225 Martin
14RC/CMR Cameroon by 14RC001 Stephane
…RC/NZL New Zealand by
…RC/NLD Netherlands by

Group F
2RC/USA USA by 2RC1624 Angel
…RC/THA Thailand by
32RC/CHI Chile by 32RC111 Edinson
…RC/SWE Sweden by

Call frequencies : 27.555 & 710 USB.

FIFA team Hunter station :
– 1 trophy to the 1st RC station .
– 1 trophy to the 1st no RC station

Activated FIFA team station :
– 1 trophy to 1st RC station activated a team and will be the 1st in the classification.
– 1 point to each station in your log and each DXCC will be a multiplier
(Attention : an Activated FIFA team station can also be a FIFA team hunter station)

A special QSL card will be printed for this contest. It will be not necessary to send a QSL card for earch contact, only on log with the normal contribution to the QSL manager :
a eQSL will be available on http://www.rcqsl.com
QSL Manager
14 RC 002 Carine Po.Box 3 18500 FOECY France
or by e-mail : 14rc002@rcdx.org
paypal : rcdx@rcdx.org
Good luck to all …

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